Your Perfect Place To Call Home

Suddenly, or gradually, we come to realize our hectic lifestyle is devouring our freedom.  We become empty nesters and begin to talk about downsizing.  But once begun, our quest is not simple.  In fact, with so many options presented, it can quickly become daunting.

Semi-retired or retired, but downright tired of home maintenance and yard work?  Property taxes and utility costs killing your budget? Thinking about traveling part of the time or just tiring of cooking every day?  These are the telling signs of the senior in transition.  Most people begin with a search for condos or retirement homes, but Silver Glen offers a much better option.

A New, More Free Lifestyle:

Given the opportunity, how would you spend your time?


  • If you didn’t have to devote time and energy to home and yard maintenance anymore, except for the parts you enjoy?
  • If you were living in a well-designed, uncluttered, one, two or three bedroom home, where even the routine activities of cleaning and tidying up were cut in half—or more?
  • If your living expenses, like property taxes and utilities, were reduced providing you with more disposable income?
  • If you could travel without worrying about your home?

Senior cooperative living is easy living that sets you free to do the things you like to do. Go for long walks, take classes, invite friends to dinner, (and not have to prepare it!), swim with the grandkids in the indoor heated pool, sit on your deck to read a book, go to a play or the symphony. 

Or you can just hang around and see what’s going to happen next—because at Silver Glen, there will always be something!

Still Working?

Maybe you are still working; no problem. We are in Bellevue, just a few minutes from any place you need to go. Why settle for some far-off location? As you read this, you will see why we are different. This is your map for a new and comfortable lifestyle for years to come. The following pages explain it all. The bottom line is we are unique in Bellevue and Washington State.